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TIME FOR CHANGE by Joana Bueta

My concept for this poster is about the representation of the community of Pilsen and Little Village, which live below the two coal powered plants that regularly emits lead and other toxins into the air. When I heard about this contest and issue, the first thing that came to my mind is the idea of what that pollution does to the lungs of the people who live in that area, that is why I based the shape of my photo montage in the shape of the lungs.. I really intended to make the image look as chaotic as possible to help send out the message that if we waste anymore time, this is what will happen to the community and the people who live there, so we need to make a stand to help clean the air we breathe.

I made some sketches of what the poster will be like. I gathered images that represents the community. I based them on the majority of people living in that area, the surroundings, and landmarks that represents Pilsen and Little Village.

I think that by showing this message to everyone, not just in the community, can help raise awareness and improve the quality of life of the people who live in these community surrounded by the two coal powerplants. With this poster design and representation, I can help the public know what is happening in other communities that what needs to be paid more attention to. The posters can be posted, or even make it into billboards to catch more attention to people in Chicago. This could also start as a campain, so the people and the government can act now and help save the air we breathe.

My concept for implementation for "Time for Change" is to set up a campaign not just in Pilsen and LIttle Village, but also to the Chicago land and surrounding areas. Posters and Billboards can be set up along freeways, bus stations, and train stations. A majority of people in and out of Chicago use public transportation, so I think that there would be more audiences in these locations. A website about the campaign can be put in the poster for people to learn more about the problem in Pilsen and Little Village. Another idea I wanted to implement is to use the Social Media to communicate and support the campaign. We could set up a group that links to the website of the campaign.